Below are Pastor Alms' 2020 sermon videos and if you wish to listen just to the audio
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  1. Midweek Lent
    Sermon 3-18-2020
  2. Who Is This King of Glory?
    Sermon 4-05-2020
  3. The Blind Man and the Miracle
    LS Sermon 3-22-2020
  4. The Valley of Dry Bones
    LS Sermon 3-29-2020
  1. Real Christ, Real Sinners, Real Church
    Sermon 1-19-20
  2. Why Is Jesus Baptized at All
    Sermon 1-12-2020
  3. Where Christ is, There is Light
    Sermon 2-26-20
  4. Things That Matter and Things That Don't Matter
    Sermon 2-9-20
  5. Start at The End
    Sermon 1-05-20